Monday, January 5, 2015

Rogue Games Illustrations

Here are the images I did for Rogue Games. The rifle and the Mech suit are my designs but the other ships and the alien within the suit are not of my design. I was merely asked to collaborate on a project with several other artists and a somewhat established art style. That actually made it a bit more of a challenge. Instead of being able to freely run with an idea for a space ship there was already a design in place that I had to follow. Makes it a bit harder when all of your lines have to match something else. 
I am glad my part in the project is over and surprised how much being able to say I was working for a even a small company helped when talking with other Entertainment Designers and Illustrators. But it  does help move me passed that place of being a student, which I am no longer and almost to being professional which I don't count myself as either since I still can't support myself on just my work alone. That is a bizarre place to be as a student you don't realize how much grace being able to say you are a student brings you in trying to find a job. Once you are no longer a student, wether you went to a good school or a bad one, if you don't walk into a job right away you find your self in a bit of limbo as to what you are now. Unfortunately that just seems to make it harder to get in somewhere especially if you didn't go to a good school. Portfolio is always the key to getting in as an artist but in places that look for credibility in production as well being nothing doesn't help. Not to mention on top of that you still have to work but now you are probably doing something else to pay the rent and that can quickly become consuming and slowly drag you into that and away from the arts. That's where you have to decide what really matters to you. Rough it and keep trying in the arts hoping you will get something out of it one day or make some money and try to find the time to do art as well. I just hope I get to continue the new year as I started it - working on paid art assignments. 

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