Thursday, January 29, 2015

Always get a Contract

So, recently I finished up the Rogue Games contract over the holiday break. I turned in my assignment early and saw that it was checked green, which I took to be approved especially since I hadn't heard anything to the contrary. Two days later there is a change in Art Directors the day before my actual deadline. No real information put out except that there was a new Art Director. I emailed him and waited, . . . and waited. Finally after much back and forth between everyone except the Art Director it was established he wasn't paying anyone, decided he wanted different art and expected a bunch of revisions but still wasn't really talking with anyone, I finally got an email from him. He said of the 6 Illustrations I turned in he liked 2 and knew of those 2 only and would pay me a total of $70 for both if that was acceptable. I wrote back saying no it was not acceptable as one Illustration was supposed to be for as much. Besides I had completed my contract and been approved which entitled me to full pay for all the Illustrations. I informed him of where they were located in the dropbox under the folder clearly labeled with my name and titled finished art. I also sent him a copy of the contract and pay scale I was given for the work I was to do. Apparently no one else had thought to ask for a contract. In-fact I was told that the fact that they emailed me was good enough and I didn't need a contract outside of that. I insisted anyway and they meet my request. I am happy I did. It seems I am the only one getting paid for the work done and I am sure the only one getting paid in full. However, it was from the Art Director who was let go and no longer on the project. He paid me. So now my intentions are to let him have the art as he fulfilled the contract and like I told the new Art Director if he wants to negotiate something more with me we could do that but my contract stands as it is. Which means my art has been pulled form the folders and should no longer be available for that project. Not the way I wanted to start freelancing but at least I got paid.

So, learn from the mistakes of those involved. Get a contract up front. We used a simple contract from P.A.C.T. but it was binding. Enough to get me paid anyway. Best of luck to everyone and may the integrity of the business continue to grow.  

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