Thursday, October 23, 2014


I have be doing some Illustration work for Rogue Games, is who I applied to and hired me but the contract says Gorilla Games and if you look up the title that I am working on - "Battlestations" it is published under Gorilla Games so for them in a vague sense of the word. I have 6 illustrations to do, an ample time frame to do it in and the joy of being part of a working world that I have been after for awhile now. The funny part to this is I came all the way out to LA to make contacts and try to get some work. Now that I am here I have done just that; except the work I got was from a company I applied to when I was back in Korea and is remote freelance work so has nothing to do with my being in LA at all. Still I will enjoy my time here and the different pace that LA seems to work on. I won't go into too much detail about the work I am doing now as I'm not entirely certain how much I can disclose. I haven't been given and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for this but don't want to shoot myself in the foot either from something simple.

Meanwhile I have been doing other things as well. Nothing with anything in mind just things that come up as I go along my day. Such as this one which will end up being a genie of sorts in a treasure room as far as my thoughts on the matter are right now. It started with me just wanting to draw the upper torso in a particular way and then coming up with a reason for it and a setting to make it fit. It still needs quiet a bit of work to it but the idea is there and I got what I wanted from it so far.

Then there was this one which I have been looking at Katsuya Terada's work lately. Not that this is a recognizable influence from him but just someone whom I was concerned with at the time of the sketch. It came after a life drawing class at the Art Center in Pasadena with a model who kept tilting her head and always seemed to be showing a bit of the underside of her chin. I liked the head pose, I liked Terada's work, I like sketching girls and things like Tank Girl so it seemed to work for me. Probably a bit more line work on this one, definitely some shading and then some colour and I should be good with that as well. Nothing however beats that sketching out phase for me. There is a reason I want to do concept art. Sketch after sketch after sketch if I could do that all day I'd be ecstatic.