Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Disney tours

So last week I got a behind the scenes tour of the Disney studios particularly the animation studios here in Burbank. I got to see the little memorial to the late great Robbin Williams, actual props from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Prince of Persia and visual development art from various  movies. It was a wonderful experience. Left me awe struck at the sight of such a fun looking place to work and such a nice crowd of people. I wanted to plead my case for a job right there, even a janitor position, just let me be here around all the wonderful art and in a place that I dreamed of being as... well, a kid and adult still. But I kept my composure as my friend there is still new to me and it is not good to not show proper restraint at times.

I did bring my sketch book though and showed it to the animators and even got a chance to show it to the Lead Concept Designer who's face I will completely remember but who's name escapes me at the moment. Hopefully though there will be another opportunity to learn the name. I got some kudos all around from the team even saying that I drew extremely well and it was a shame Disney has switched to 3D animation instead of doing 2D. You're telling me at this point. My 3D isn't fully developed yet. But they suggested I possibly look to the live action films and video games as that seemed to be a style my art fit into since I am more realistic with my designs. That works for me! Just sign me up!

The most interesting or bizarre thing but one that left a lasting impression I am sure, was we got to talking about what I do as a day job. I teach martial arts and fitness most of the time. I have a background that includes training with Navy SEALs, ex-Secret Service, bodyguard operations, and over a dozen different martial arts throughout the last 26 years now. All that concluded the tour with me showing the Disney animation department how to take a guy out in a couple moves no matter what his size. Fun stuff. It also lead them to suggest repeatedly, and others here in LA as well, that I should do combat consulting for games and film. I would definitely be game for that! Now just someone tell me how do I go about doing it?