Friday, September 18, 2015

Been awhile

So I don't find much time to be on here anymore. I should change that this is a better than being on Facebook where it seems the sole goal is to get "liked". This works a bit better as a diary of sorts and more of an expression of my own thoughts on things. If you are here there is most likely a reason. You probably have some interest in me or know me. Plus it is less likely that those I may work for will be coming through here to see that I "like" something or made a stupid comment about something else. And frankly Facebook is high school or worse. It has it clicks and seems to be all about look at me (which I can't stand) and then hating on everyone else, commenting on politics and race and feminism. I am a Libra which means I am balanced. I have always taken it to heart and tried to live my life in a balanced way, with nature, myself and others. I would rather judge you as a person based on your actions with me personally than anything else. If you can do the job great you get the job, not for any other reason. I support strong females, if you doubt it look at the girls I date but I still think a girl should be a girl and a man should be a man, there is a balance in that since it is part of nature to be that way. All this to say I was always told you shouldn't discuss money, politics or religion those 3 things cause most arguments. I started being online (because I actually hate it) as a professional move. Unfortunately I have it to be mostly anything but. I want to have fun post art and talk about that not anything else. And I hate CandyCrush stop inviting me to waste time. Invite me to an art opening - I'll go.

In this time since I have last written I have become pretty steady at freelancing. I have been and still am storyboarding for a live action horror film called "Wild Boar". I get to do the whole movie! A lot of work. . . But fun! It has definitely helped speed me up and improve my skills. The sketch a day has been replaced by 50 or more a day easily. Plus since I started taking a storyboarding class mostly to network since I want to get into DreamWorks animated TV I am finding myself at the top of the class and therefore making a good impression meaning more likely to get that recommendation.

Beyond the film I am also working on a comic "Baby Baddass in Cinderville". It is a black and white issue that I was hired to do but makes use of my sequential art abilities. I did a promo page for the LongBeach Comic Con recently where I got to share it with Tim Bradstreet.

I also am still doing portrait paintings for Scopely a gaming company over in Culver City. That's a nice blend of digital and traditional that lets me pop out the paints and go back to the way I learned art and still enjoy it. We strive to make digital art look traditional now but it is so much easier and faster to do it traditionally. 

So that's what I have been up to. Going to Spectrum got me a call about doing some work for a magazine that is dark fantasy, no surprise there. We'll see how it turns out. I'd like to add that to me resume of things done. The animation is still going as well Buckle Bear never quits apparently. And beyond all that I still teach martial arts at the gym I started with here in LA, because you know it is LA and you have to have at least 3 jobs just for the fun of it. Though it seems those that don't do anything are the ones that somehow have money to burn. The unemployed are continuously my clients for training. I've got to figure that out so I can "better" use my time. 

And finally since this started out as a developing an IP blog it is still an on going idea. I have actually been asked to develop an IP at the studio I work at. I'm holding off on using my ideas for that as I want them to be just that my ideas. Which reminds me now I need to develop an advertisement flyer for more Storyboard and Character Design Artists and TV Pitches. Back to work then and the reason I'm not on here more.