Friday, December 12, 2014

Catching up a bit

So I haven't posted much here lately. I've been busy actually for this holiday season. I managed to attend CTN (Creative Talent Network) Expo here in Burbank about 3 weeks ago now. From that by pure hap chance I landed a bit of an internship and training at an animation studio. Funny because I hadn't really thought about doing animation, despite my talks with Disney, for years now but then I am illustrating a Sci-Fi game too. It was originally something I very much wanted to get into but I like traditional 2D animation and Disney is now completely 3D. Not that they are the only animation company but that was the dream spot, now . . . we'll see. Marvel Studios from the guy I have talked with that worked there sounds right up my alley. They are a tight small team though and breaking into it isn't easy. But there are plenty of other places to be that are just as good and more accessible. Meanwhile my work for Rogue Games has continued with the following sketches. The end of the year will bring a lot of new changes hope fully for the better but it definitely seems to be bringing something with it. Funny thing I have noticed - You hear a lot of pros talk about not having a social life while working away especially when trying to get that 1st job. Everyone I have talked to got that 1st job because of their social life essentially, they knew someone in the business. I have been dedicated to my craft but gotten no where professionally because no one knows who I am. I started to go out and talk with people and have a social life of sorts and in one week I picked up the internship, got a personal meeting with a manager from Riot Games, meet someone from Marvel, got my work reviewed by some pros and their advice, meet an Illustrator from NY in person that I had kinda known online and meet the guys from Konami and got their cards. I've gotten a lot more exposure in a week essentially and potential leads to jobs that I actually want than I have for the years trying before hand totaled together. Part of it is I am sure I make a good personal impression. Not so great online but I have an easy going friendly personality. This isn't to say go out and party all the time and neglect your craft (it's Friday night and I'm drawing and doing this) but you have to know how to mix it up properly if you really want to get ahead. People want to hire their friends after all and friends with proper skills are the best.

I didn't design the alien but the suit design is mine. 

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