Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Medivac T-Shirt design

I got asked to do a T-shirt design for an Army helicopter medivac unit in Korea. Few guidelines except a wounded soldier, an angel lifting him up and a helicopter. I went with a bolder more graphic style because it will stand out more on a shirt and be easier to print and well, it just happened to fit in the style I was working in at that time. The unfortunate thing is that I was given this assignment while in the middle of moving to LA.

So, I only had a couple hours here and there to work on it as if you have anything to do in LA it will take you an hour to get there regardless of the time or distance unless it takes you more than that. I spent, and I kid you not, 30 minutes on Hollywood Blvd for a job interview an only went a quarter of a mile. Even with GPS saying it is 8 miles away it also reminds you estimated time is in 45 minutes, which I am finding actual traveling time is double what the GPS says thanks to never ending traffic. I don't care if it is 3am there are still families walking around and traffic like it is rush hour somewhere. It is at least a bit easier to find parking than San Francisco but that's probably because by the time you get there you pretty much need to leave because it will take you just as long to get back.  So you can blow 5 hours just doing one thing. Doom on you if you need to go anywhere else.

Now much to the fun part of doing this assignment I was given little direction and not much feed back along the way. We'll see what they say in the end. Can't argue with the price they got it at though and you would think military budget is big but the offer for this was for free. Not exactly what I'd like to hear for me to put in time and effort but comp work for something you are connected to and support isn't always bad. My wife is and I was military and this was something I enjoyed doing. Hopefully it will reflect back on my wife in a positive way and it at least gives me the US Army as a client on my resume. I already helped design a Christmas flyer for them and have now let them know continued use of my services and time will need to be compensated. Hell, give me an M-4 I'll take that as payment we can do a barter. I know they have them laying around. Some outdated night-vision  goggles or cool camping gear, a tank or Humvee and you can have me for a year! We'll see if this helps by having a big name albeit government client or if it hurts for the price they retain me at. Either way onward here now in LA. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Now in LA!

This won't be long as being on the internet means I am at a McDonalds parking lot by Venice Beach right now. I recently moved to LA no house, no solid job, nothing. But then I've heard it said to just pick up and move you either have to have a lot of money or nothing. Well I don't have a lot of money. No fear though, I'm a Personal Trainer and there's always a job for that and the pay here is much better than in the tiny little nowheres I have been lately. Hopefully I can find a nice little art job with a studio as well and this can be a fun change for my little family. For now it means falling behind in Art Camp 2 mostly though because there has been a lack of downloads for the videos. So even though my time is scarce right now I still have it but that is usually late a night like always, only now I amy have it but I can't watch the lectures without sitting in a parking lot somewhere during that time and for 2 hours to just do that. Honestly I don't have time to just do that and nothing else. At home I can draw while I listen to the lectures even draw on the computer if I need to or do something else, but sitting in my car in a late night parking lot there's nothing comfortable or workable about it. So anyway, that's why this has slowed a bit. On the other hand anyone in LA feel free to drop me a line and make a new friend. I  could use some help finding things in the city such as a good life drawing group.

In the mean time here are a few more quick sketches just for fun.