Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art Camp 2 Wk3

This week was about perspective drawing from observation and imagination again using 1, 2 and 3 point perspective. Honestly, I didn't put much into this week. I worked on some other stuff and tied to get my family life on track again. But I have done whole classes based on nothing but perspective so I don't feel I missed much. Now I still did some just because I do think it is something you should be able to use. Now I finally got a written critique about this one but that was just to say, "Curved forms like those pagoda-style roofs are going to be tricky, the thing to remember is that there's still a enclosing rectangular solid that you can build from the corners." So does this mean I need to work on that or that I did okay with them and it is just an observation to be aware of whenever any of us do something like this? Because I did put the corners in perspective with each other so I'm not sure which way it goes. I would assume he thinks I didn't think about it and just tried to draw it out and mentioned something he quickly thought of and moved on. This is also the same guy though, who after I critiqued someone else's work giving a quick draw over so they could see how they needed to improve the stance of their figure, went in and did the same thing, almost the exact same drawing I did as if I did nothing and his wasn't posted right under mine looking the same. Then there was a video critique where the instructor says pretty much the same thing I said after the other one posted his comment in another thread which was, "I'm glad you agree. It is nice to know I was pretty much on track". Now if you are wondering why I make an issue of this here it's because why under value someone else's information just because they aren't part of your little circle? Especially if you are just going to say the same thing? I'm going to stop here. There's more I'd like to say but now probably isn't the time when I'm trying to get hired still and everyone in the freelance Illustration & Concept Design business literally seems to know one another. 

What is the lesson to take away from all this for me though? Once again in life it really is not what you know but who you know that gets you places. Honestly in retrospect of my life I think I would have not been so good at school work and spent more time partying. I like being smart but it has paid off not at all in the long run so far. I know people who did horrible in school but made a decent career for themselves because they knew someone. I don't think college is the way to go anymore. Trade schools are much better focused and usually have some kind of internship were you get practical experience to use in getting a job plus they are a focused learning environment so you learn what you need to. 


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