Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art Camp 2 Wk2

So this week was all about keeping a daily sketchbook and drawing from observation and imagination, which everyone who keeps a sketchbook does. The big issue is doing daily sketches. Still this is something I like to do anyway and already do. Sometimes I may work for a few days on one particular sketch turning it into more of a drawing but that mostly comes from not having much time to everything I should be doing in a single day (Like posting this last week.) but I do draw something daily so this wasn't that big of a stretch. The practice is solid though and nothing builds skill like repetition. Mostly I drew from imagination because it is just simpler for me to do since I run around with a 3 year old all day and I don't have to sit in front of a certain reference. Especially since one of my best chances to sketch is when he plays at the park if there are other kids around but that is always up in the air so maybe, maybe not. 

The funny thing about this week is I got 2 reviews one that basically came back pretty negative and questioned my ability to draw because the Valkyrie painting is pretty photo real in its execution. It always makes me wonder if it is because they assume I am some young kid just starting out and couldn't possibly do that kinda of work so I must have painted on top of photos because that is the popular thing. Now I used photos for reference but I painted it all over again and think it is funny the same person who gave me this critique and said I should just try doing things from my head uses reference to get his images to look as he wants. I matched my photos quite a bit though and that is the big issue but it lead basically to him saying I probably can't draw. The next day another instructor critiqued my sketchbook and some other sketches from the Rabbit story which are all from imagination, zero reference since they were done at work. In his critique of my work not only did he say I had strong drawing skill but commented that my worked reminded him of Harry Clark and Edmund Dulac who along with Arthur Rackham were exactly the look I was going for with my storybook sketches.  So can I draw? You judge, but like I mentioned before Iaian McCaig, Jon Schindehette and everyone else I've talked to always said I can draw well. Just be careful of judging people before you know much about them. 

The following sketches are for this week and were all from imagination except the last page and the one with the tiger on it.

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