Thursday, June 19, 2014

Art Camp 2 WK 4

So week 4 was about experimenting with drawing materials: graphite, ink, charcoal, I used markers and coloured pencils as well for the Moebius piece. It seems the average student in Art Camp has never or almost never used traditional materials. I find it hard to believe that any art student would not have picked up traditional materials somewhere throughout their lives. If nothing else pencil and paper is so much cheaper than a computer and Photoshop. But then this goes back to the issue I have heard so many times now from different instructors that people can't draw any more and just are using computers to paint over photos. 

The images below aren't super accurate. I wasn't going to waste my time and be lectured about being too accurate again. So they were done quickly, a single evening and just to fill the assignment more than anything. Which meant I finally got some discussion from one of the instructors. He told me how Rackham did his watercolour technique. I still wonder was it just a statement, a critique on what he thinks I should've and didn't do or what? It didn't offer advise just - this is how he did it. A wash of colour, blue and brown, and lift light areas out with water and a dry brush and add other colours where needed. Funny enough I knew that and that is exactly how I did it. It seems anything good I have done gets little or no attention which is not to say they aren't busy but if I did well I'd like to know. It is just as helpful and sometimes more so to know what went right as well as when you are wrong. So I can't say the comment was really helpful. It is starting to seem to me that despite its advertised all levels the instructor feed back is aimed at young, uninformed artists who most likely have never taken an art class. Provided these are the people who probably need help the most but the stuff they lack in their art is basic enough they can find a critique anywhere to let them know the same thing. Those that are pro or near pro level I think need it just as much. If they are already pretty skilled but lacking that one thing to push them over the top it is probably because at this point they don't see it just yet. One good critique could get them past it and start a career for them. Why not really help someone get going then? 

This current week, 5, is about experimenting in painting materials oil, acrylic and traditional paints. Honestly, I like to paint, oils are wonderful for my detailed, blended, layer upon layer style. I have neither my supplies though, money for it, space to do it or the time. I will work in watercolor this week as that is something I have been wanting to do to develop the look I like for my art. I hope the weeks after get away from basic art class kind of instruction and into something deeper. The topics suggest they will. We will see with the level of instruction. 

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