Monday, July 21, 2014

Now in LA!

This won't be long as being on the internet means I am at a McDonalds parking lot by Venice Beach right now. I recently moved to LA no house, no solid job, nothing. But then I've heard it said to just pick up and move you either have to have a lot of money or nothing. Well I don't have a lot of money. No fear though, I'm a Personal Trainer and there's always a job for that and the pay here is much better than in the tiny little nowheres I have been lately. Hopefully I can find a nice little art job with a studio as well and this can be a fun change for my little family. For now it means falling behind in Art Camp 2 mostly though because there has been a lack of downloads for the videos. So even though my time is scarce right now I still have it but that is usually late a night like always, only now I amy have it but I can't watch the lectures without sitting in a parking lot somewhere during that time and for 2 hours to just do that. Honestly I don't have time to just do that and nothing else. At home I can draw while I listen to the lectures even draw on the computer if I need to or do something else, but sitting in my car in a late night parking lot there's nothing comfortable or workable about it. So anyway, that's why this has slowed a bit. On the other hand anyone in LA feel free to drop me a line and make a new friend. I  could use some help finding things in the city such as a good life drawing group.

In the mean time here are a few more quick sketches just for fun.

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