Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Update Morrigan Dragon Age

So, right after I posted the last one I made some changes in her face especially. I figured it would be more engaging to have her looking out at the viewer. I pulled a picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent due to her pronounced cheek bones and triangular face in that one being in line with the character Morrigan's face from some videos I watched of the game being played. Much to my surprise when Jon Schindehette did reviews today for Rebecca Guay's SmART class her mentioned the exact same things I had done 2 days before as being something that those who did the character needed to focus on to match her likeness even using Maleficent as an example and Olivia Wild whom I had not thought of at the time. So that was nice to know that my thinking is inline with what I need it to be to be successful with this project.

I wasn't able to get a review at the time from Jon as I am only monitoring the class right now but I will be sending this to him as soon as it is finished especially since he asked everyone to send him their finished projects for this and we'll see how things go from there. 

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