Sunday, May 25, 2014

Art Camp 2 Week 1

So I started Art Camp 2 with Noah Bradley this week. For this week we are doing shape studies, Master studies in line and Bargue plate drawings. I studied at an atelier in San Francisco and this is just using the same technique we did there. We were doing cast drawings though. The second step usually in classical atelier drawing programs after Brague plate drawings. Now I have a week to do all this plus more. Glad I am more practiced at this now helps me be faster knowing what to do and how to get it accurate. We had a whole month of 4 hours a day for 4 days a week plus to do 1 drawing but they had to be precise and every little grain on the paper was filled in so it all looked smooth like a photograph. Sounds tedious and boring and it can be honestly. Some times you just wanted to say, yeah done, and move on but slowing down helped a lot in developing detail and I found that the biggest thing separating me from the pros was the amount of time spent on a project. So slow down, add more detail and really love what you are doing and you will improve quickly.

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