Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And onward

So, I am continuing on with this effort. I am finding the hardest thing to decide on colour and style. I would like to do a Rackham inspired type of illustration as the character of this tale is more than just a children's book kind of fairy tale, more like the dark tales of the original stories. For me I always think of Rackham style illustrations accompanying those tales. However, I fins myself wanting to make certain illustrations more colourful than those but I want to make a homogenous set of illustrations as well. For now here are some more sketches and colour studies. I did a digital colouring and traditional one with marker, watercolour, chalk pastel and coloured pencil. Each was traditionally inked. There is also a new scene of the Rabbit's trip across a giant lagoon from the light side of the forest where his mother is to the dark side with his father where he will encounter the minotaur and his difficulties. The Rabbit is taken across by a large sea turtle and is accompanied by a mermaid who tells him of the things on the other side.

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