Sunday, December 8, 2013


I have now been in Korea for a month. I have been reunited with my wife and 2 year old son! While this has been wonderful it has been keeping me more than busy. I will see if I can start an art club here in the area as there doesn't seem to be much for anyone other than ladies who want to do crafts or kids. Neither is a bad thing but seeing how most of the people here range in age from 18 on up with the military I am surprised there is not more for that demographic especially with as little else as there is to do in the area.

This post is mostly to say I am still alive but it may be a little while before I add more as far as developing the IP story line. But here are a couple of sketches one of the Fairy Queen, who's head dress is based on an orchid, that is to be the Rabbit's mother:
and one that was more for fun but may find it's way into the illustrations if even just in the background working with the father, a vengeful protector, perhaps like the rest of them. 

I will keep this up as my time is even more limited now but it will progress. 

Just keep drawing. . .

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